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Ningbo Great Wall Precision Industrial Co., Ltd , founded in 1984, has been focusing on the manufacture, R&D, and sales of hardware tools for nearly 40 years. As the forerunner of self-built brands in China's hardware tools industry, Great Wall Precision has witnessed the rise and growth of domestic tool brands. After decades of arduous struggling and endeavor, we still remain true to our original aspiration; adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship. We are dedicated to manufacturing premium quality industrial-grade products for our customers.

Great Wall Precision, your best tool expert.

·Our operation has been supported with the help of provincial-level high-tech research and development center and a professional R&D team and technical team .

·Our products are widely used in power and power construction, steel and coal, rail transit, petrochemical, construction and decoration, shipbuilding and heavy industry, water conservancy engineering, construction machinery, electronic telecommunications, military industry , and many other industries.

·Renowned as t he true Chinese national brand , taking the lead in the Chinese tool producers.

·Passed JIS certification, MID certification, GS certification, EEC certification, BSCI certification, ISO 9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification, and Zhejiang manufacturing "Product Logotype" certification.

80 +
Business related countries
Our business covers more than 80 countries and regions around the world
310 +
Acres of plant
We possess a modern industrial plant of 120,000 square meters, covering an area of about 310 acres.
79 +
We joined with the formulation of 109 tool standards, including 21 national standards, 85 industry standards, and 3 group standards.
5000 +
More than 5000 SKU available. It can be up to 12000 SKU by customization.
Development History
2021 year

Certification of "provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center of steel tape"

2020 year

Certification of "Quality Symbol" products in Zhejiang province.

2019 year

The Great Wall brand steel tape measure is listed as the first batch of special/professional/new "Small Giant" title in China.

2018 year

China international influential Brand and Asian Famous Brand Award.

2017 year

Chairman Zhu Wenjiang launched an initiative “Love China, buy Chinese producs”, and successfully held the summit forum.

The leading brand in hand tool industry

2016 year

The Excellent enterprises in Chinese hand tools industry, and

Listed in top 10 enterprises in Chinese hand tools industry.

2015 year

The most influential national brand.

2014 year

“The Enterprise With Outstanding Contribution in Chinese Hardware Tool Industry” entitled by China Hardware Product Association.

2012 year

Obtained the JIS class certificate for steel tape measure and adjustable wrench.

2010 year

Passed the inspection by GMC, and

Participated in stipulating national standard of Fiberglass Tape Measure.

2009 year

Participated in stipulating national standard of Packing, Marks, Transportation, Storage of Hand Tool Products.

2008 year

Firstly invented powered steel tape measure and adjustable wrench.

2007 year

First factory in this trade obtained Certificate of Exemption of Export Inspection.

2006 year

Firstly adopted the environmental-friendly coating material in steel tape measure in China.

2005 year

Developed first 0.5/1000mm high accuracy spirit level in China.

2004 year

Developed first lot of high end adjustable wrench in China.

1999 year

Stipulated the industrial standard of steel tape measure in China, which is still the current national standard.

1998 year

Invented first fiberglass tape measure with strengthened blade, bringing credit to our country by filling this gap in this industry

1991 year

Obtained the only National Gold Medal by Chinese government. This is the highest award in this trade in China.

1988 year

Firstly obtained the EEC certificate for EU market.

1987 year

Stipulated the standard of steel tape measure with 2-color printed and coated blade.

1984 year

First steel tape measure with 2-color printed and coated blade in China invented here.

Founder Mr. Zhu Wenjiang
“People who devote themselves to the tool industry are marvelous, as the progress of human beings has always depended on the progress of tools.”

The year of 1984 has seen the birth of the first Sino-Japanese joint venture of Great Wall Precision in Zhejiang Province. Since its establishment, Great Wall Precision has continued to thrive at a rapid speed. Mr. Zhu Wenjiang was also rated as an outstanding entrepreneur in Zhejiang Province as early as 1986. Since the reform and opening up, he is the only famous brand-creation hero within Chinese hardware industry , and he has also won the China Hardware Association Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014.

Mr. Zhu Wenjiang has gained too many titles in his life, such as "The father of modern Chinese tapeline", "the founder of the first brand of Chinese hardware tools", " the leader of an Asian brand "etc. Even so, Mr. Zhu still upholds a persistent and serious attitude to run the enterprise meticulously. As an entrepreneur, an industry pioneer, and a craftsman, his dream is to turn Great Wall Precision into a Chinese famous brand, just as he wrote in the autobiography, "Because of persistence, we pursue dreams; human beings are marvelous because of dreams".

"Writing can present a person, and the same is true for running a business. It is difficult for a person who does not pursue the quality of life to make the business high-quality and manage the business well. People will know that the executor of Zhu strive for quality and level, and the business features the style like him. "

—Mr. Zhang Dongli, the president of China Hardware Association and director of National Hardware Products Standardization Technical Committee

Mr. Zhu Wenjiang
Doctor of Economics and Business Administration
Chairman of Konfoong (Hong Kong) Group Co., Ltd, Chairman of Ningbo Great Wall Precision Industrial Co., Ltd
  • ·Honorary President of Chamber of Hardware Industry of China
  • ·Honorary president of Zhejiang Hardware Industry Association
  • ·China Hardware Association Lifetime Achievement Award
  • ·China's top 10 Industrial and Commercial Talents
  • ·Chinese Business Masters
  • ·Top 10 Outstanding Figures of Chinese Economy
  • ·Top 10 Outstanding Entrepreneurs in China's Brand Building
  • ·Influential Man of China's 30 years Reform
  • ·Asian Brand Leader of The Year
  • ·Outstanding Entrepreneur in Zhejiang Province
  • ·Charity Star
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